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Top 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs of 2023

In this post we are going to go through the top 10 best selling disc golf discs and products from Airmail Discs' online store in 2023. These are not necessarily our favorite releases of the year, but what did well in terms of overall sales. It is worth noting that these are obviously limited to the brands that we carry in our store so take these with a grain of salt! We will combine similar discs / releases into one for the sake of getting some more variety in this list.


Top 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs of 2023 at Airmail Discs

Kastaplast K1 Berg Putter

Although the Kastaplast Berg putter wasn't a new release in 2023, this mold that Kastaplast is most well known for sold great for us throughout the entire year. This disc is popular in numerous different kinds of plastic including K1, K1 Soft, K3, K3 Hard, and K1 Glow. Kastaplast was definitely a great manufacturer for us to pick up, and we continue to look forward to carrying their products in the years to come.

9 - Discmania Metal Flake MD5 Prototype (European Open)

Discmania Metal Flake C-Line MD5 Midrange

There was a ton of hype around the release of the Discmania Prototype Metal Flake MD5 midrange, as this was the first MD5 mold to come out of their own production facilities. Discmania put a beautiful stamp on this disc that made it hard to pass up on. Not only did this release sell extremely well for us, but it is one of my personal favorite releases of the year. The MD5 found it's way in my bag as a compliment to my beefy Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice. Did I mention the S-line MD5's just released as well?...check them out here!

MVP Discs Neutron Soft Glitch Putter
MVP Discs R2 Neutron Glitch "Glitsch"

Although the MVP Discs Glitch was released in 2022, the hype of this disc carried well into 2023 for the stock Neutron Glitch. Simon Lizotte heading over to MVP Discs & Axiom Discs made the popularity of this disc continue to soar early on in the year.

MVP Discs later announced a collab with Powergrip USA for an R2 Glitch which was initially exclusive only to Powergrip. After the insane demand for the Special Edition "Glitsch", MVP Discs decided to open up the orders to additional retailers. The Glitch's success continued into the end of 2023 and was included in the MVP Gyro Box at the end of the year. I think it is only a matter of time before we see more iterations of this fan favorite disc!

7 - Latitude 64 Royal Grand Grace Stock / Kristin Tattar

Latitude 64 Royal Grand Grace
Latitude 64 Royal Grand Grace Kristin Tattar 2x World Champion

The Latitude 64 Royal Grand Grace continued to be a very popular disc in 2023. With the likes of 2 time World Champion Kristin Tattar shredding pro tour courses with this disc, it makes sense why so many people turn to the Grace. Even without Kristin throwing the Grace, this disc truly is an amazing disc. The Royal Grand plastic feels as good, if not better than any premium plastic on the market. Not to mention this disc absolutely bombs and is not too stable - which makes it a decent option even for many amateur players. It also flies great on both the backhand and the forehand.

Not only did the stock run version of this disc sell well, but the Kristin Tattar World Champion Stamped version was a hit as well in 2023. The 2x World Champion stamped version of this disc also came out in 2023 with some beautiful swirl patterns which was recently restocked by Latitude 64. If you have not already snagged one of these beauties, take a look here at these beautiful graces we have in stock!

6 - Kastaplast Berg X First Run / Stock Run

Kastaplast First Run Berg X Putter
Kastaplast Berg X Putter

The Kastaplast First Run Berg X was a huge release in 2023 for us. Quantities were limited for these first run discs and they were highly sought after. Given the popularity of the Kastaplast Berg, it was no surprise that the Berg X was highly anticipated by the disc golf community. The first run version of the Berg X sold out for us on the release day without a problem.

Luckily Kastaplast released the stock version of this disc shortly after to meet the demand for the new Berg X. The stock version also did very well as disc golfers were looking for a compliment to their favorite approach disc. The popularity of the Berg was apparent with the release of the new Berg X. From what we have heard, Kastapast has some new molds lined up for 2024 which we are excited to get out hands on for you all!

5 - MVP Discs 2023 GYROpalooza Box

MVP Discs 2023 GYROpalooza Box
MVP Discs 2023 GYROpalooza Box

This years GYROpalooza boxes were a huge success for Airmail Discs as you all helped us sell out of the boxes that we had available. This years box featured numerous Eclipse R2 discs, and 6 mystery discs which included Lab Seconds and Pro Shop discs. Some people were mainly interested in the Glitch that came inside these boxes, but others purchased numerous GYRO boxes to see what they can come across for the mystery discs.

Part of the fun with mystery boxes is not knowing exactly what you are going to get! These will continue to be fantastic holiday options for loved ones who enjoy the sport of disc golf if you are looking for gift ideas in the future. We believe these GYRO boxes will continue to be a fan favorite in the future! Huge shoutout to MVP Disc sports for allowing us retailers to be a part of such a successful release.

4 - Discraft First Run Zone OS

Discraft First Run Zone OS

When it comes to Discraft, we focused mainly on their new releases in 2023. The First run Zone OS was big success as the Discraft Zone was already largely popular in the disc golf scene. These Zone OS' were an extremely over-stable version of the Zone, and they were marketed as very beefy. Discraft even went as far as changing the flight numbers on some of these Zone OS' to simply say "BEEF" instead of the normal flight numbers! These were a nice surprise to retailers and were a hot commodity to collectors.

Axiom Discs Simon Line Time-Lapse Prototype
Axiom Discs Simon Line Time-Lapse Special Edition
Axiom Discs Simon Line Time-Lapse

The Axiom Discs Simon Line Time-Lapse distance driver was the first disc mold created specifically for Simon Lizotte by Axiom Discs. The Prototype Time-Lapses were extremely hard to come by as each retailer was only allotted 10 Time-Lapses! Despite the MSRP being set to $39.95 these discs were hard to find just about anywhere after the release date. The demand to support Simon's Line was there, but there simply was not enough supply. Shortly after the release of the Prototypes, MVP / Axiom announced the release of the stock Neutron Time-Lapse and Special Edition Neutron Time-Lapse. Both the stock and special edition version of the Time-Lapse proved to be just as successful as the prototype release, but at a more affordable price to consumers. I'd fully expect to see this mold released in new plastics in 2024 (hinted at by Simon Lizotte himself). What could be next in Simon's Line of discs?...maybe a putter?

2 - Axiom Discs Simon Lizotte Lizottl' Hex

Axiom Discs Simon Lizotte Lizottl' Hex
Axiom Discs Simon Lizotte Lizottl' Halloween Hex

Simon Lizotte moving over to MVP Discs & Axioms Discs after 2022 was a huge move for the disc golf scene. All his disc golf fans patiently awaited what his first disc would be from either company. Axiom Discs gave Simon a warm welcome with an Eclipse Hex midrange stamped with the famous Lizottl' stamp. These were an instant hit and sold out almost immediately. The hex was already a popular disc as it is, but adding Simon into the mix took it to new heights.

Axiom Discs then decided to come out with a second iteration of the Lizottl' Hex for Halloween that were available in 4 different stamp options: Skeleton stamp, Viking stamp, Elvis stamp, and Vampire stamp. This time these Hex's were offered in their

"Total Eclipse" option in which not only the flight plate glows, but the rim of the disc also glows. Again, these Hex's flew off the shelves and most people requested the Skeleton stamp over the other options!

Discmania Horizon Cloud Breaker

This year's iteration of the Discmania Eagle McMahon Cloud Breaker was a huge success in their new Horizon Plastic. Discmania initially released this new Cloud Breaker earlier in the year in 2023 with their new horizon plastic which was first introduced with the Horizon Stratosphere DD1 in the Discmania Mystery Boxes from 2022. These Horizon Cloud Breakers were a more stable compliment to the Swirly S-Line Cloud Breakers that were released in 2022.

Discmania Golden Horizon Cloud Breaker

During the summer of 2023 Discmania came back and released a Golden Horizon version of the Cloud Breaker which turned out absolutely beautiful. I think many fans were disappointed to not see all of these Golden Horizon Cloud Breakers have the same gold on black colorway, but Discmania decided to release these in numerous flight plate colors with an array of different stamp colors. With Simon Lizotte leaving Discmania after 2022, I think they decided to double down on Eagle McMahon and his Cloud Breakers...and it worked.

Honorable Mention


Looking Towards 2024

While the disc golf buying/selling trends might not be as hot as they once were during the middle of the pandemic, there is still a lot to look forward to in 2024 as disc golf retailer and player. We are excited to see which players switch sponsors after 2023 and see how that impacts certain disc golf companies. We are also looking forward to continuing to be able to provide out customers with the newest and most popular products to the best of our ability. If there is something you'd like to see us start carrying as a product or a disc golf company you'd like to see us carry that didn't make the list, please leave a comment and let us know! What do you think should have been on this list?

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